Long Table Lunch with Kirstie Clements Long Table Lunch with Kirstie Clements

Long Table Lunch with Kirstie Clements

  •  Rick Stein at Bannisters
    Rick Stein at Bannisters
  •  24th June 2022 at 12.30pm
    24th June 2022 at 12.30pm

Bestselling author, former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Australia for thirteen year, journalist and speaker Kirstie Clements joins us at Rick Stein at Bannisters for a stylish long table lunch to discuss her latest book ‘Why Did I Buy That?’.

Kirstie Clements has seen more trends come and go than she’s had hot breakfasts and knows true style when she sees it. No matter what changes, come things will always remain the same, like a classic loftier for making you feel more comfortable in your own skin, or a good quality winter coat to take you through more than one season. ‘Why Did I Buy That?’ is for those with an interest in style and fashion who want to know what to wear, what to buy and how to age stylishly in these changing times. This is the ultimate insider handbook, delivered with realism and humour.

$85 includes a two-course meal, complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival and tea or coffee. Copies of ‘Why Did I Buy That?’ will be available for purchase on the day.